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  • Why Have a Business Website?

      As a small business owner, you may be asking yourself, "How can a website enhance my business?"

      "Can I afford one?"

      Actually, the question is, "How can you NOT afford one?"

      Look at the facts - print versus online media;




  • Does print advertising not do the job?

    • With print media, you can take out ads in local newspapers and send out flyers about your business, and to some extent, these work. The rest of the time, they end up as expensive birdcage liners.
    • With a Business Website, You Have 24/7 Representation. Customers can always look you up on the web. If you are a restaurant owner, your menu and prices, along with maps and phone numbers, are always available. People will look you up when they need to, with no waste of resources. Also, your website can be viewed over a much larger area than print advertising... after all, it IS called the World Wide Web .


    How do I share something new about my business?

    • Whenever you make a change to print media, when will your clients know about it? Are you going to have to print up a new batch of flyers and spend the postage to keep your clients up to date?
    • With a Business Website, You Have Dynamic Updating.
    • Have a price or product change? Update it quickly on your website. No embarrassingly outdated information, and at a greatly reduced cost to you. Potential customers can view current information on your business instantly, instead of tying up your phone lines with redundant questions. Do you have public events scheduled for your business? Put a calendar on your site, updateable by you. Need to get feedback from your customers? An online form handles that quite nicely. Can you do that with print media?


    OK, you sold me on the website, but why should I use Mind to Sight Web Design?

      Instead of getting a cookie cutter site from a company located halfway across the country, you get a site designed from scratch from a local Redmond business, plus face-to-face meetings from someone who understands your product and its value to the Central Oregon community.

      While we are on the subject of local business, remember that the purchase of a site from us will insure that those funds will go right back into the Redmond economy.



      Lauran J. TorresProfessional Training, Coaching and Teaching, Owner, Butterfly Yarn Shop

      "Dave has always done a super job on our web sites. His is the most professional and closest to what I had hoped for. Again I am relying on his assistance and I have no worries at all ! What a relief! He is flexible, creative, timely, dedicated and comfortable to work with. What could be better! A person I\\'d want on my team."


      Jamie ChristmanTaproot Redmond

      "Our non-profit community organization, Taproot, sought not only an experienced web-developer but also someone with enough creative and intuitive ability to design a site from merely a few explanations of that which did not entirely exist, let alone visually. The result was not only beyond our initial visual/interactive expectations with "room for us to grow" but also, in his ability to comprehend with foresight, he gave even greater definition to our organization and its intended purpose.
      As you can imagine, this kind of understanding-turned-action was a refreshing bonus and has allowed us to be ahead of our own goals in many respects. Personally, David and I worked to create a video element for the site (his idea) and he was professional, direct, accommodating, and efficient. Being an incredibly busy person who volunteers her time for this particular organization but also comes from the world of media, those elements not only left me grateful but also sure I will want to work with him again on projects anytime.
      I enthusiastically recommend his talents and expertise as worthy of consideration by anyone seeking a professional yet intuitive web experience."



      Keith RinnePresident, Renew Fitness Inc

      "Dave Shirley, owner of Mind to Sight Web Design, designed and implemented our... website,. This website is a true testimonial of Dave's creative abilities. Dave not only provided technical design but also assisted in the intellectual content... Dave also took it upon himself to understand our business model, and based off this understanding, he was able to determine a suitable content that would best market our business... Dave always took it upon himself to check in with us on a daily basis to make sure we were happy with his results. Anytime we made a suggestion, Dave without hesitation was on top of the task at hand. I would highly recommend Dave Shirley and Mind to Sight Web Design for any company interested in using the internet as a marketing tool for their organization."


      Dave Standerwick, Owner, Polar Bear Gas & Wash

      "As a local business owner, I recently contacted Dave Shirley at Mind-to-Sight Web Design to develop and bring to life our first company website. We met early and often with Dave quickly grasping my intent and developing the initial website draft. He made several excellent suggestions of improvements to make the site more attractive and functional. The site was quickly put online and Dave's active support and follow-up since has been exceptional. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process."
      Thanks Dave


      Randy Visser, DO , City Care Clinic, Redmond's only free health care clinic

      "I think the site is very good. The other staff that have looked at it agreed. They have been happy with it. I certainly think you were very easy to work with, very prompt in your responses to correct issues or update the site and certainly work with community non-profits to assist them in their efforts, and are clearly supportive of such community efforts.
      While I am not an expert in this arena, I believe the web site you have created is certainly much more visually pleasing and easy to both navigate and read, than the previous version. Thank you very much."


      Amy Fisher, Development Director, Central Christian Schools

      "Dave at Mind to Sight Web Design was able to take our vision and create a promotional video that exceeded our expectations. Dave is professional, efficient, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dave at Mind to Sight Web Design for your next promotional video."